Snyder descendants and extended family in 1908

Exploring history is a way to build community.  Elizabeth enjoys sharing Tompkins County's rural heritage with clients and neighbors.  The office is located at a historic property known as the Snyder Hill Farm, established in 1802 by Jacob and Mary Snyder, early settlers of Dutch, French and English descent who, with their four children, built new lives in Dryden.


Over the next few years, Elizabeth and her family intend to use the 215 year-old farmstead to engage elementary school students with hands-on pioneer life experiences and Tompkins County history. 


CLICK RADIO INTERVIEW BOX below to hear WHCU Radio's Lee Rayburn interview Elizabeth about Dryden and Snyder Hill history and an October 2017 public tour sponsored by the History Center of Tompkins County:

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Community Resources for Sharing History:
The History Center of Tompkins County
Dryden Town Historical Society
Historic Ithaca
Cornell University Archives

More About Snyder Hill's History:  Community Project to Preserve

Historic Church Windows

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