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Terms of Use and Disclaimer

Thank you for visiting the website of the Silverberg Law Office.  Ms. Silverberg is pleased you are here.  She recognizes the dignity and self-determination of every person.

Please understand that as a user of this website, you agree to be bound by the following “Terms of Use”.  If you do not agree, please do not use the website.  

Website Is Not Legal Advice

Information contained on the website is not legal advice, nor shall it be regarded as legal advice by any user.  Prior results or visual depictions do not promise future outcomes.  You should not act on any information contained within the website without first communicating with an attorney and obtaining legal advice specific to your circumstances.  Please note that no photograph on the site depicts a client, a case or an actual legal event.  

The Law Office is pleased to assist you if you reach out either through establishing an attorney-client relationship or through providing you with a referral to another attorney.  Simply contacting the Law Office through any means – electronic or otherwise - does not create an attorney-client relationship, however.  

To Establish an Attorney-Client Relationship with the Silverberg Law Office

The Law Office welcomes your call, text or email if you would like to discuss your particular circumstances and legal needs.  Each potential client receives a Retainer Agreement to review and sign to establish an attorney - client relationship and begin representation.  


Ethical Requirements

Ms. Silverberg always aims to comply fully with all requirements under professional ethical rules governing websites.  Under the New York State Rules of Professional Conduct, please note that some content on this website qualifies as attorney advertising.   Please also note that prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.  Results are based on each client’s unique circumstances and the application of law to those facts.  If you are considering hiring an attorney, Ms. Silverberg recommends that you review an attorney’s qualifications and background and do not rely exclusively on written information to make your decision. 


Ms. Silverberg does not seek legal employment or intend to represent anyone in a jurisdiction other than New York State.    


Social Media

The Law Office values forging connections with other local businesses and organizations through social media, including Facebook, Twitter and Linked In, to benefit clients and the greater community.  The content generated on social media platforms are for general information purposes only.  Such content does not constitute legal advice.  The Law Office views social media platforms as an opportunity to communicate and engage in on-line dialogue.  Please do not use social media platforms for confidential communications and recognize that any interactions through comments or posts with these platforms may well be accessed by the public.   Any “Like” or similar social media comment should not be understood as legal advice, a legal referral or a legal recommendation. 



Your private information is important.  Unfortunately, no electronic communication channel can be made completely secure.  If you transmit confidential information to the Law Office electronically you do so at your own risk.  If you have any question regarding confidentiality, please contact the Law Office.  

No Warranties

Although the Law Office makes a reasonable effort to provide informational content on this site that will benefit users, it makes no warranties or representations regarding the accuracy of any information contained on the site. Factual circumstances may have changed or a new legal development may impact content.  Through your use of the website, you assume all risks associated with accessing any content and any damages of any kind are your responsibility.  The Law Office disclaims any responsibility for any action taken in reliance on website content.  In addition, the Law Office shall not be liable for any damages to your property relating to viruses or other damaging or malicious content that may infect your property as a result of your use of this website or any of its content.  



While the Law Office seeks to provide users with helpful information through hyperlinks, the Law Office is not responsible for reviewing or validating content on websites to which it links.  Please be advised that you access these links or other websites at your own risk.


Updating Terms of Use

From time to time, the Law Office may modify and update part or all of this statement of “Terms of Use” and reserves the right to do so.  You should visit this page in the future to ensure you understand all current terms and conditions to which you are subject.   Your continued use of the website signifies your acceptance of all changes


Inappropriate Use of or Unlawful Posting to the Website

Under no circumstances should any user post or transmit unlawful, libelous, pornographic, defamatory or otherwise inappropriate or inaccurate information to the website. The Law Office will cooperate with law enforcement and disclose user information in such a circumstance.  


Copyright - © 2017

All rights reserved.  By using the website, you agree that you will not copy, distribute, or otherwise transmit any information or content of this website for any use (other than a personal, noncommercial use) without express written permission of Elizabeth Silverberg.  The graphic layout, logos, design elements, images, materials and content of this website and all intellectual property rights relating to same are owned by Elizabeth Silverberg or are used with permission. 


Photographic images are used by permission or are the property of Elizabeth Silverberg.  No photograph depicts an actual client, an actual legal issue or represents a particular outcome for a client.  No one else may use these photographs for any purpose unless Elizabeth Silverberg has granted permission in writing.  Unauthorized use may violate copyright laws, and other laws involving privacy or communication law or regulations. 


Privacy Practices

The Law Office respects your privacy.  The Law Office will not sell or exchange your email address or personal contact information with anyone.  You may choose to provide contact information to the Law Office which it will use to respond to an inquiry from you through the website.  If you choose to sign up for newsletters or other information such as news alerts, the Law Office will use your contact information to transmit this information to you.  You may choose to opt out of receiving such information at any time by notifying the Law Office of your preference.

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